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Summary of Question:Use of "aunkarr" and "siaree" in Gurbanee that do not seem to be pronounced.
Date Posted:Sunday, 6/13/1999 9:28 AM MDT

I would very much like to find out more about the use of the vowel signs "aunkarr" which makes the short "oo" like in "book" and the "siaree" which makes the short "i" sound like in "sit". In Gurbanee text there are many occasions where these vowel signs appear to be "silent" like in the words "naamu" in place of "naam" or "japu" in place of "jap". These are examples for the "aunkarr" sign. The "siaree" has its own many examples which I shall not state here at this time becaue it is a bit of a tedious task to try to describe them without being able to use any Gurmukhi font right now. I do have a Gurmukhi font file in my Windows font folder, namely, "Angad" which I obtained from a Punjabee language demo CD called "Cybergiani" produced by a Canadian company called Sona. A friend of mine who is very much interested in the Sikh way of life with whom I communicate very often via e-mail asked me about the way the "aunkarr" and the "siaree" are used in the Gurbanee text. Her main source of learning Gurmukhi is v

ia some material that teaches the use of the script for use in the Punjabee language, so she was not able to figure out the way the "aunkarr" and "siaree" are used in the Gurbanee text and frankly I have not the least idea myself. Incidentally, we often use the "Angad" Gurmukhi font in our communication to help her practice the Gurmukhi script and not to menion that it also helps me in Gurmukhi keyboard dexterity.

Finally, I would really appreciate some help in the matters of understanding the use of the "aunkarr" and the "siaree" in Gurbanee text.

Sat Nam.
There are several correspondents on the Sikhnet (adult) Discussion Forum who are qualified and capable of answering this question in great depth. And so, I am going to post your question on that Forum and wait for responses. Please refer back to this site in a few days for answers. Feel free to e-mail me if you don't hear anything soon.

Krishna Singh Khalsa
[email protected]

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