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Summary of Question:Sheepskins
Date Posted:Monday, 11/06/2000 4:32 PM MST

satnam. My question is, Is it ok to use sheepskins to sit on when doing yoga. I have seen people using sheepskins but I am confused. Sikhs are encouraged to not eat meat because this means that the animal was killed,usually for the meat. And as mentioned before, animals are often not willing partners in their own death. So does this make it wrong to use the skin off that animal. I feel wrong. People can look at it however they want, but my personal feelings on this is that anyone who uses the meat, skin or remains of the animal is guilty of partaking or taking on the karma of the animal. It has been mentioned in the forum that eating an animal will cause the person to take on the karma of the animall that they have eaten. Will the person using the skin of that animal for yoga incur the same?

The sheepskin insulates your magnetic field and is very beneficial for doing yoga. You have not killed the animal or eaten the flesh of the animal. The skin is a byproduct. So, it is OK to use a sheepskin and you will incurr no karma from using it.

If you are uncomfortable using a sheepskin, then by all means get yourself a small wool carpet to use instead.

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Sheepskins (11/06/2000)
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