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Summary of Question:Re: To All Sikh Boys Out There
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/24/2003 8:12 PM MDT

"how do u guys feel about american women?"

I feel a lot about american women, such as they can do anything they want to do, like having sex before marriage, keeping dozens of boyfriends, wearing sexy and half-naked clothes to show off their bodies, lack of morals,etc. etc. and the list is endless. I am talking about american girls in general, not all are the same.

"wut do gori gurls have that indian goddesses dont??"

First of all, indian girls are no longer "goddesses" as they were once used to be. Now a days they are no longer different from american girls. They are doing the same things mentioned above. I don't see any difference. I am talking about indian girls in general, not all are the same.

I don't see anything in american girls that is different from indian girls except the flesh, which may look more attractive to some people.


I just submitted another post about American and Sikh women, which presented a very different opinion than yours. This may be a good discussion amongst Sikh youth. GTKK

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Re: To All Sikh Boys Out There (07/24/2003)
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