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Summary of Question:I Cant Think Of Nothin
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/25/2000 9:50 AM MST


i just like to ask a question about meditation, i meditate for around 3 mins day and night, and i try to think of nothing and only chanting Waheguru in my mind. but i usually start thinking about other things and it fustrates me that i cant clear my mind. can u please help me with this thanking you. And your website is great, it has helped me a lot thanks

Dear One. You are doing it correctly! You must keep up.

This is how it is. Whenever you meditate, every rejected thought and garbage comes up to your mind. This is the process of clearing it out! You want to get rid of all this collection of accumulated let it come up and then, watch it go.....that is, the thought come and then say "Wahe Guru". Keep replacing each thought with "Wahe Guru". Set your timer and do this for 11 minutes at a time. Work your way to 31 minutes a day. This is how you control this stream of thoughts.

There is a really great "Wahe Guru " meditation that you can do. Sit in a comfortables crosslegged a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Place your right palm face down over your left palm face down at your chest, arms and elbows parallel to the floor.
Say "Wha" and pull in your naval point as you say it.
Say "hay" and release the naval and focus at your heart as you say it.
Say "Goo roo" with puckered lips (like you are kissing God) as you say it. Repeat this cycle over and over for 11 minutes. You will love it.

Your eyes should be closed and drooped down almost looking at the tip of your nose. Do this for the next 40 - 90 days

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I Cant Think Of Nothin (11/25/2000)
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