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Summary of Question:Can I Marry To A Guy Who Is Sikh
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/12/2001 1:49 PM MDT

hi, i've got confused after i go along with a guy who is indian and his religion is sikhism and was born and live in hongkong. he is the guy that i never love so deep, he is a nice guy but the nationality and religion are the problems between us. i m a chinese but no religion. and the girlfriend of his brother told me that indian must marry with indian and indian family will not accept a chinese girl. and i know that his family is sikh and i dont know if his family which like me even i dont have any religion belifes.


Dear One:

There is nothing in the Sikh faith that says a Sikh MUST marry another Sikh. Additionally, there is nothing in the Sikh faith that says one must marry within their race. I personally know a Sikh Indian man who is married to a Catholic Chinese woman (both live in New Delhi). They have a very successful marriage. So if someone is telling you "an Indian must marry an Indian" it is because that is how the family wants it or thinks it must be, not because of Sikh beliefs!

I cannot answer for his family and I cannot say to you go out and convert to Sikhi unless you feel a call to be Sikh. Sikh faith was born in Punjab, India, but there are Sikhs everywhere, and they are NOT all of Indian heritage.

God bless you!

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