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Summary of Question:Handicapped Sikhs
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/02/2007 11:22 AM MDT

As I looked at pictures of Sikhs in gurdwaras, doing meditation, and so on, I couldn't help noticing that everyone sits on the floor. What do people who can't sit on the floor do? Since I have cerebral palsy, sitting on the floor is impossible for me, as is yoga. I'd like to visit a gurdwara some day, and wonder if there would be any point, given my limitations.

Thanks for your help!

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Thank you for your very good question. Please explain to the Gurdwara Sevadar (person who serves visitors) about your condition and ask for his or her help. I understand your predicament. I too can no longer sit on the floor (due to a severe injury) and the sevadar usually provides me with a chair and I sit in the back.


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Handicapped Sikhs (05/02/2007)
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