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Summary of Question:Skydiving Turban Issue
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/16/2005 2:25 AM MDT

Hi my question is simple,

If you gone skydiving I'd really like your input, if not don't worry about replying. I'm going skydiving this weekend and was wondering what should I do about the helmet (I have a turban), I'm obviously not jumping out of the plane without it lol, just wondering if anyone has gone and what they did with their kas(hair), ex. wear a putka instead of a phug etc.


The young men in our community that sky dive, just wear a braid with thier helmet, then put their hair up with a turbin when they are done. You could put a piece of cloth over your head then the helmet if you wish. Be safe though and always wear the helmet. Blessings. GTKK

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Skydiving Turban Issue (06/16/2005)
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