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Summary of Question:Chastity.
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Saturday, 6/05/1999 4:24 AM MDT

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fathe,

Can you clarify one point for me. What does Sikhism belive in Sex before marrige?


Lost Sikh

********** REPLY *************

The ideal is to have only one sexual partner in your life. Not because you are bad if you have multiple partners, but because it is the best way for you to merge into Whahe Guru.
When you have multiple partners, the mind and aura (non-physical energy field that makes up the human)gets messed up. Sex merges and changes the auras of the two people. Just like a child is the blending of the parents, but not the same as the parents.
Think of it like this. After you have sex, your mind is now merged with that person. Like a child, it is a blend of both. So think of your mind as a child of that union. Imagine that everytime you change sex partners, the child (your mind) adds the new facial features and personality traits of the new partner on top of the old ones. Pretty soon the child would be very weird looking and insane.
There are many other reasons, not creating pain and Karma, etc. but just know this. These rules of behaviour were not created to take your fun away. They are very practical to give you the mind and strength to cross the world ocean with the Guru, and not get lost on the way. You need all of your capacity, mental and physical.

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Chastity. (06/05/1999)
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