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Summary of Question:Environment
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/18/2002 5:21 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akaal,

I have not heard anything about sikhi views on the environment. Is there anything in the gurbani which refers to the environment? Personally, I think there should be more emphasis on the environment we live in and how to keep it clean. I think that sikhi should be more into renewable energy sources. Sikhi should be against causing pollution. After all, this is Gods world we are living in, so we should keep it clean and tidy where-ever possible.
Maybe Gurudwara's can lead by example and start to use renewable energy resouces such as solar panels to generate electricity. This would be excellent for Gurudwara's in India where the power is cut regurarly, although it is a little expensive. But the Gurudwara's here in England and the US should be doing this.

Also, do you think cleaning and picking up rubbish around the streets, parks, etc is classed as seva? Whenever people think of seva they automatically think of doing non-paid work in the gurudwara. This is good, but there are also needs outside the gurudwara, ie. Helping the homeless, helping people in Africa who cannot even get clean water.


(REPLY) Living righteously is what our Gurus taught, so I think your comments are excellent. We should honor our Creator by honoring His creation and protecting and honoring our environment. All the actions you list are definitely seva. When one does "selfless" service, and does it in God's Name, it is certainly seva. (In my opinion, however, contributing money to a worthy cause, although it is a wonderful thing to do, would not be seva in the strictest sense. I believe seva is defined more by personal action done to help another without asking or receiving personal gain.) God bless you! SP
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Environment (05/18/2002)
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