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Summary of Question:Hold Strong...
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Sunday, 9/16/2001 9:23 PM MDT

I was recently reading an article on regarding the backlash on Sikhs that has swelled since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. During the first few days of the attack I have to admit that a sense of distrust grew inside of me for anyone resembling a muslim but as my anger subsided i realized that my prejudice was unjust and also disgusting. Since then i have cast aside all my prejudices and realized that the terrorist attacks were the result of one insane war monger and his blind fanatical followers and not the muslim community as a whole. From one human to another i wish you all to be safe and God bless.


Sat Sri Akal,

Thanks for your input. The Gurus teach us to control our anger, because if we don't, then innocent people die (as can be seen from white Americans killing Sikhs out of pure anger and prejudice). Even in a time like this, the United States needs to be cool headed and act out of justice, and not revenge. Always be humble and treat everyone as equals.

Gur Fateh,

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Hold Strong... (09/16/2001)
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