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Summary of Question:Jus Wanted To Say A Bit Bout Castes
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/08/2001 3:36 PM MST

waheguru jee ka khalsa whaheguru jee kee fateh

i jus wanted to say a couple of things, nowa days this problem still exists even in these western countries about 'castes' all of our guru's believed in 'equality' everyone is equal! thats one of the reasons we all sit on the floor to eat langer, no matter who you are king, queen, poor you are equal in the eyes of god. i dont know why the caste system is still used! nowadays in skools kids go around asking each other 'what are you?'..'are you jatt?' and my answer is always "SIKH" and they go specifically straight to 'what kinda a sikh?' i look at them wondering 'how many different sikhs are there?' (i know where they are heading) they ask about caste!

i dont mind telling them my grandfather was a darjee, but what i dont understand is how can i be classified as 'darjee dee daughter' if my father aint a darjee! he's not even close to that! my grandfather is a darjee (thats what he does for a living) and before him his father did that too. these days guys or girls go around asking about what caste you belong in they are most happy to around saying 'putt jattan da' and how they are 'jatts and jatti's' girls go around saying 'yeh im a jatti' or 'yeh im a jatt' but i mean they aint!! i dont see them on a farm driving a tractor! theys skool kids with parents who dont even have a job close to farming.

which finally brings me to my point! castes stopped long time ago i mean our parents dont even have the same job that we suppositly are classified in. so how does that work out? why do people still go around calling them by proffesions that they dont even have? i mean i hate it. i dont do it im proud to be JUST SIKH i am proud of my grandparents and what they did but thats history all im saying is this is not what sikhs shud be believing! whats so hard about saying your sikh? why the subheading jatt, ramgharia, darjee? it aint wrong why cant we all end it? thanx for posting my views!

waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee kee fateh
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Not being Indian, I never thought of the historical angle as you describe above. Thank you.

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Jus Wanted To Say A Bit Bout Castes (11/08/2001)
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