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Summary of Question:Now The Day’S People
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/24/2005 8:49 AM MDT

Now the day’s people in Punjab and in entire world related to Sikh religion are going far from it. Some of them feel it burden?

(REPLY) Sat Nam. I'm not sure if you are asking a question, or exactly what it is? Do you mean that people today in Punjab, and in the entire world are leaving the Sikh religion because they feel it is a burden? Well, you'd have to ask those people. If people feel their religion is a burden, then they don't understand anything at all about it! The Sikh way of life is a blessing, a practical,precious gift of guidelines and principles given to us by our Gurus to enable us to make the most of our life here on Earth. I hope this answers your question. Blessings, SP

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Now The Day’S People (03/24/2005)
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