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Summary of Question:Are Men Higher?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/15/2000 4:43 PM MDT

I heard that in the Guru Granth Sahib it says that Men are Superior Then women

and that women should always thinks that theyy are some what lower that man.
i do not belive this. I thought we are all equal no matter, sex, age, colour, religion or caste. Does it say that in the Guru Granth? What do people mean when they say they are god-fearing people?


Dear one, in Siri Guru Granth Sahib it says "Bhand Jamiai, Bhand Nimiah Bhand manganaa viaaho." Recited by Guru Nanak Dev ji, this shabd is a part of Asa Diwar which is sung daily in all major Gurdwara.

He says, From a woman we are concieved, within a woman we are born, with a woman man is engaged and married.................why call that one inferior, from whom kings are born..................without women, there would be no one.......

Perhaps your should begin your own study of the Siri guru Granth Sahib so you can understand what the Guru says. You can read the Guru in your own "Sehej Path" starting on your birthday and finish the next birthday or sooner. Read to understand what the Guru directs you to do. Ask the Guru a question and take a hukam and begin to understand the Guru's language.

About women...women are stronger and more intelligent than men...yet they must stand under a man and allow him to feel great and not inferior. This great science has been lost in this age where women feel they must compete with a man. If a woman is subjigated and not respected, that society fails.

Guru Gobind Singh has written about the tricks of the women. Read this too.

To be a "God fearing person" means to have awe and respect for the power of God. If you see that you are a part of God....and that everyone and everything is also a part of God, it is hard not to have some awe of this realisation of the vastness of God.

God makes the sun rise every day...whether or not we get up from our bed and go to school or work. This unending power is pretty awesome, is it not?

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Are Men Higher? (08/15/2000)
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