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Summary of Question:Turbans Are Divine
Date Posted:Friday, 11/30/2001 9:57 PM MST

Sat sri akal ji,

I was just reading a prior posting on girls not wanting sikh men with beards and turbans. Oh, and moderator ji, this is not a question, but i have noticed many questions on this from young sikh men. And me being a girl ( with a sikh background, im not particularly that religous, because i'm still searching for something out there), i know many young women that don't think that turbans are unattractive ( me being one of them).

To every guy that is questioning his sikh uniform on the basis of the girl guy thing, i just want to tell you, that girls do find it beautiful, because it is the dress of the waheguru. Thank you for letting me say my piece.

Oh yes and when i get married, i do hope to find someon with a turban, because it represents courage and love. :)

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Turbans Are Divine (11/30/2001)
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