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Summary of Question:Baba Siri Chand Chant
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/14/2009 3:50 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal Ji,

I have seen many references to this Mantra at this forum. In some places, it says that it should be chanted only once and that's it. Other places it says it can be done once a day. And the latest reference says to chant for 11 minutes - only once or everyuday for how many days.

I am confused. I am desperately looking for help and would like to chant this mantra. Please advise how many times, how many days etc. it should be done.




Sat Nam,

It is said that Baba Siri Chand is always in a state of deep meditation. He does not like to be disturbed too often. When ever you chant this mantra (Alakh Baba Siri Chand Dirakh) you only want to say it once and he will come to your help. Generally this mantra asks for his protection from negative influences in your life. When ever you are feel that people don't wish you well or something is coming at you that you feel you need protection from you want to sit down in a meditative posture, concentrate in your mind on the problem then say something like this: "Dear Baba Siri Chand if all of these things that I am experiencing or feeling from other people or situations are true please provide your divine protection". Then only say the mantra once. Yes, you can do it once a day if the problem persists, but it is not necessary to do it for 40 days in this case.

Please remember that it is not advisable to wish anyone pain for what they are causing you or wish for bad energy that you are getting to be sent back to them. You can not use his energy to hurt other people even if you think they are really bad. It is best to visualize all the bad energy to dissipate or to disappear into space. Baba Siri Chand is there to protect you but not to help you harm other people with your own negative thoughts. You can develop a very positive relationship with him if your own intentions are pure.

If you are thinking to committing to a meditation than it is a bit different.
There are only a couple of meditations that you can do with repeating this mantra more than once. Opening your fingers wide and pronouncing this mantra every time you run your fingers from the top of your head to the shoulders through your hair not only provides protection but clears all unpleasant blocks in your life. Start doing it for 40 days 11 minutes each day. It is quite powerful but needs a certain commitment from you.

It is just like any other meditation. You have to set your intention very clear and continue doing it for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes it can be a lot longer than 40 days. We never know how complicated our karma is so it is always advisable to do all meditations for as long as you feel it is still doing things for you.

How do you know it is still doing things? Generally you will still feel that things are still moving in right direction in your life or if you stop for a while and things will start getting stuck then you may want to come back to it again for a prolonged period of time until you feel you can manage without it completely. Some times it may take as long as 1000 or more days to really accomplish everything you want. And though it may sound like a mighty long time a lot of people may feel that it is worth it.

Good luck,

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