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Summary of Question:How To Wear Pagri
Date Posted:Friday, 11/01/2002 9:36 AM MDT

Hello i am vincy i want to know that how should i wear pagri. i ask my dad to help me than he replys me by saying that wearing pagri is just like our handwriting and no one can teach anybody if you really want to learn how to wear pagri than you should take full interest in it and see me how i wear.

I want to ask you that is it right or wrong if its wrong than plz help me.

Sat Nam. Generally, everyone indeed ties pagri in a very individual way. That said, one learns to tie pagri by being taught by an older person who wears one daily often a parent or sibling. I think your father has let you down, sorry. At the very least, get yourself supplied with the turban material and have your mother help you fold it and then WATCH how your father does his. Also, perhaps an older male in your gurdwara community will show you the basics. Don't be shy about asking! It's a big deal to tie pagri for the first time and you want to get it right. You should find only supportive response in asking for help. It's not something the internet can teach you. With practice you will get your confidence and tie it in a way that suits you for fit, comfort, look, etc.
Guru ang sang,

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How To Wear Pagri (11/01/2002)
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