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Summary of Question:karma theory and fear
Date Posted:Sunday, 5/02/1999 1:33 AM MDT

This is in continuation of the question on karma theory.You say it's unfortunate that various religions have used fear to keep man subjugated.There is a line in

gurbani which says "bhai bin bhagat na hoi".So,I think fear is a necessary
component to drive man towards religion or bhakti(or at least the starting
impulse).What do you say?

I used to pause at that line of the Shabad with mixed feelings. But no more.

I always felt, that our relationship with God must be that of LOVE. Not fear. But then GURBANI CANNOT be wrong. Then how do we reconcile these seemingly opposing views?

Let us take an example. Let us think of our biological father. Do we love him? Most do. Do we fear him? Atleast in younger years of life, Most do. It is a love and fear relationship. Love because of the nearness and security that this relationship brings. And Fear, of the consequences that might follow if the young child does not follow the discipline required of him/her.

It is the same with our relationship with our real father - our Lord God Waheguru - our ALMIGHTY Lord God Waheguru. We LOVE Him, and yet fear the consequences, if we do not follow His teachings as contained in our Beloved and forever Guru, Sahib Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


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karma theory and fear (05/02/1999)
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