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Summary of Question:Difficulty Finding Job
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/01/2003 10:42 AM MDT

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

i hope not to sound too silly but i'm having great difficulty finding a job. i am an amritdhari female who wears a dastar and have never faced any problem like this until now. im in my first year of university and my parents have advised me to start looking for a weekend job as to my pay for my next terms fee's. i have actively been looking for quite a while and have had no luck. before i started to wear a dastar i have had previous jobs and cant help think that the reasons my applications are declined are because of this. i love my dastar and despite the many looks and comments i recieve i never thought finding a job with one would be a problem.
is there any advice anyone can give me? maybe something i can say in interviews or on applications forms as i think people are shocked when they see me...
sorry if my question seems irrelevant...

'sab jug meh naam ootam ho-ee' - throughout all the ages, the naam is the ultimate, the most sublime

Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru


God bless you. I just answered a similar question asked by a young man. What I would do is 1- Do you wear a black dastar? Try another color dastar than black, like white. It may seem less intimidating than black. Ask your friends what they think. 2- I think your idea of saying something in the interview about the dastar is a good idea. Answer their questions about it...about you...about being a Sikh. Maybe they are thinking you are a Muslim. Not to say anything bad about Muslims, but you can tell they that you are a Sikh, which has nothing to do with Islam, Budhism, Hinduism, etc. Let it be an educational thing. Be very polite, sweet and informative, not intimidating or rude. Help they realize that they will be adding diversity to their workplace, which is a good advantage to their image. Good luck and allow Guru to guide you. GTKK

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Difficulty Finding Job (05/01/2003)
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