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Summary of Question:Why Do Sikhs Wear Turbans ?
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/06/2003 3:16 PM MDT

I just came across this topic, and feel there have been many issues similar to this which I think should be clarified.

The reasons given for SIKHS to wear turbans are completely from a PERSONAL prospective and none are actually reasons given by the Gurus for wearing a turban. All this business about your hair being an antenna and getting the suns energy are just completely based on somebody's personal experience and have not really been proven under a proper scientific study anyway. For example, I might believe that my hair gives me special physical powers, does that mean that the reasons sikhs don't cut their hair is because SIKHISM believes that hair gives you special physical powers.

I feel that there needs to be a strong divide between what the actual religion Sikhism believes in, and what reasons people who believe in Sikhism have in following its practices. If any person can just make up reasons which they may feel are correct and 'claim' this is what Sikhism believes, then aren't we as Sikhs just going down the same road as Christians in adding beliefs to it's faith like in the New testament?

What Sikhism believes in, is defined by the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the documented verbal teachings of the Gurus. How can any other beliefs be called beliefs of Sikhism? What any Sant or scientist says are completely irrelevant if they have no reference to these sources, in terms of the beliefs of the Sikh religion. If these 'claims' of why SIKHS wear a turban and keep hair can be backed up by the SRi Guru Granth Sahib, then can you post up the evidence, otherwise then how can these by reasons that a sikh would wear a turban.

To the best of my knowledge a Sikh wears a turban because Guru Gobind Singh wanted his disciple to be recognisable in a crowd of 100,000 and the reason for keeping your hair is because it is one of the 5k's as given to us by the 10th Guru. Are there really any other reasons that SIKHISM itself has given us to follow these practices?

I think it is very important to keep Sikhism in it's purest form and not to confuse its beliefs with the beliefs of individuals.

Sat nam. I will post this, but be aware that the points you make have been made on this forum before.

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