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Summary of Question:Unbaptised Sikhs
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/29/2001 3:20 PM MDT

I have been studying and practising the sikh beliefs for several years, but because there are no Sikhs in my area I cannot take Armit. Can I still call myself a Sikh?


Dear J. Graham:

Sat Siri Akal Ji:

If you believe you are a Sikh, and follow the basic teachings of a Sikh, you are a Sikh. Moreover, there are MANY people around the world who believe as Sikhs and call themselves Sikh and have not taken Amrit. Amrit is something that is a choice, not a compulsion, in the Sikh faith.

That said, it is my prayer that you find a way/place to take Amrit, since it is clear your soul longs for this. You might try this for starters: It is a directory on Sikhnet for Sikhs to find other Sikhs.

I cannot tell where you live, but there are many Sikh communities who would consider it a priviledge to baptise you (you'd have to arrange it ahead of time).

Good luck. Guru bless you always,

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Unbaptised Sikhs (05/29/2001)
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