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Summary of Question:Turbans And The Caste System
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/15/2003 2:27 PM MDT

waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh
i am a 16yr old boy living in England and my parents are amritdhari and i wear a turban but i have sikh friends who dont. we all go out and have fun occaisionally but i want to know about the way i tie my turban i know we aint supposed to have a caste sysem i personally dont understand and believe it so i dont bother but people often say to my ur such n such a caste due to the style of your turban. can you please help me find out what all this is about?
i wear my turban folded n my style so i be chillin but my dad wears a big 1 (unfoled) wagwan here pls sort us owt?
Hapsey Bansal

Sat Siri AKaal. I don't really know about castes and turban styles. Does it matter, really? I would encourage you to continue with your attitude that Sikhs don't observe caste and that you don't really care if your turban style represents one caste or another. For many, how they tie their turban is a function of head shape/size, how much cloth they use, and how adept they are at wrapping; also how much effort they put into it (some turbans are just sloppy looking). I think the best response to these folks is that you are a Sikh of the Guru and Guru doesn't really care what style turban you wear. Then ask these people who tell you about your supposed caste, why it is important to them? Ramkali M 5, p. 884 4.6 "Too dannaa toon abichal toohee too jaat mayree paatee" (“Thou art wise, eternal, thou art my caste and honor.”) The only way caste system will be broken is by people like you refusing to observe it. Guru ang sang,

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Turbans And The Caste System (03/15/2003)
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