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Summary of Question:Use Of The Mala
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Friday, 5/24/2002 4:38 PM MDT

Sat Nam,

I have a mala made of Rudraksha seeds because of previous Hindu practices. What are the rules when using a mantra (can just touch it with my left hand? Where sjould I put it when I'm not doing japa?)? Is "Sat Nam" a good mantra to repeat with it?
Thank you very much for any information!



Sat nam.

Malas can be useful tools to help us meditate on God throughout the day, but there are no certain rituals you need to be concerned about. Right hand, left hand-doesn't matter. Wear it around your neck, wrapped around your wrist or (in my case)-tossed in the pocketbook in between places. It's fine. It's just a tool for you. Sat Nam is a good mantra. So is Wahe Guru. Just go with what works for you and God bless.


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Use Of The Mala (05/24/2002)
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