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Summary of Question:What Should I Do?
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/15/2001 12:41 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal. I am a sikh male thats turning 16 in a few weeks. Well for the past two months i have been thinking of growing my hair and wearing a jurah or turban. Yesterday I decided i am going to do it. But the question is how should i do it? Should i just let it grow until i can wear a patka? or shoudld i start just covering my hair with a ramal? I wasnt that religious. No one in my family is either. I started to go to the gurdwara at least once a week now. But i need some one to guide me into the right step.

Please tell me what to do
Sat Sri Akal
Rab Rakha


Sat Sri Akal,

The hardest part in becoming a Sikh is to make your mind up. Waheguru has given you the power to pass this step and you are well on your way. May Waheguru be with you.

Since you are now a Sikh, you should start covering your head. Since you are 16 years old, you should start to wear at least a patka. If you do not yet have enough hair for a patka, then a turban is an even better choice (you do not need long hair to wear a turban -- indeed my grandfather is nearly bald and can easily wear a turban). I suggest that the best thing for you to do is to start wearing a turban. If you want to get used to the feeling, you can also start by just tying a dhasthar. But once again I strongly suggest wearing a turban.

Any Sikh at the Gurdwara can help you in tying a turban and to get you started. Go to the Gurdwara as frequently as possible -- being in good Sangat will help you in your life. In time, you should start meditating and doing paath. There is a lot in this world that one can only realize by meditating.

I congratulate and admire you for your decision to become a true Sikh.

Gur Fateh,

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