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Summary of Question:Re: Are we Sikh and/or Khalsa?
Date Posted:Sunday, 5/02/1999 3:14 AM MDT
I believe that we are not to judge on who is a Khalsa and/or Sikh but I would gather from your explaination that a true Khalsa would be higher in rank than a true Sikh. As Khalsa was not officially form until Vaisakhi 1699,I would consider all our earlier Gurus to be 'Khalsa'. This will also mean that all the other Gurus may or may not have with all the 'K's all the time. If this understanding is correct then more important than the 5'K's will be the soul which has to be pure and not necessarily uniform? Would you please share your comments on this?

Your question is whether we are Sikhs or Khalsa.

Every person who accepts our Gurus as his/her Guru, accepts Guru Granth Sahib Ji as our present and forever Guru, and does not follow any other religiion, is a Sikh. Sikhs who partake the Amrit of Khanda Baata, are the Khalsa.

Shakti Parwha Kaur ji had given a very complete answer to your original question. It is therefore difficult to simplify it any further. Unless you have some other specific question.


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