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Summary of Question:Cant Think
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/13/2004 4:25 AM MDT

waheguru ji ka kahlsa waheguru ji ki fateh

my question is that, whenever i tie my patka it hurts my head and i can't think properly i just go brain dead, like i cant pay attention. Also i can;t see the bord clearly with my patka on maybe buecause its to tight?. but when i take it off i can think again could u plz give me a solution for this, i want higher grades n school
thank you

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh


You could try tying your patka alittle looser to see if that helps. Also, try tying a full turbin, again, not so tight that its uncomfortable. Tying a proper turbin actually helps you to think more clearly, because all of the cranial bones are in alignment. Blessings. GTKK

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Cant Think (04/13/2004)
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