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Summary of Question:Aura, Meditating, And The Third Eye
Date Posted:Sunday, 9/09/2001 1:07 AM MDT

When meditating, the goal is to complete your aura and to open your third eye. Whenever I go to meditate, I always have this goal in mind and cannot seem to clear my head completely. Can you please let me know a method in which I could clear my mind completely of everything?


Sat Siri Akaal. The mind puts forth 1000 thoughts per wink of the eye. What you describe is normal for all but the most practiced and advanced meditators (few and far between). Do not focus or get caught up in trying to clear the mind. Instead, focus ON YOUR Mantra (whether verbal or mentally vibrated) and let the mantra clear the energy of the thoughts in your mind. It is like watching the thoughts pass through without any attachment to what they are about. Keep focus on the words, the sound, even visualize the words as they are spelled (in your language or Gurmukhi) and focus on the mantra at the 3rd eye. Please see other posts/replies on this topic.

Guru ang sang,

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Aura, Meditating, And The Third Eye (09/09/2001)
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