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Summary of Question:Meaning Of Shabad Regarding Dastaar
Date Posted:Saturday, 6/05/2004 3:57 PM MDT

I think that I gave you the wrong is teh correct one

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

My question is regarding the meaning of the line, and of course hte entire shabad. :
Saabat sura dastar siraa.

The reason that I am asking is because of the dastaar and not cutting hair issue. When people ask me this question, I do not want to give them the wrong answer. I have always told people that dastaar symbolizes many things, royalty and simpleness, and most importantly, this is the form that Guru asked us to be in when we become part of the khalsa with dastaar and the panj kakaars. We consider them gifts from our guru and they are part of our identity. we are unified as the khalsa, regardless of caste and gender.

However, when speaking with another Sikh, they were insinuating that in general, we believe that cutting hairs is wrong and wearing the turban is correct, regardless if they are sikhi. What i mean by it is that just like drinking and intoxicants are wrong by most religions, similarly, cutting hairs and not wearing the turban is. they quoted that line that I said earlier and another shabad which i do not remember.

Sat Siri Akaal. Sorry, without the ang I cannot look up the shabd you cite. I do know that Siri Guru Granth Sahib's only distcintion between people is, at its MOST basic, that the person who does NOT chant the Naam and remember the Lord in his/her daily life experiences the rounds of births and deaths, and the one who DOES remember the Lord/practices the Naam is liberated from those rounds, period.
However, even if a Sikh personally believes that all people --Sikh or not--should wear turbans and not cut hair, the last thing a Sikh should do is inflict this belief on non-Sikhs and/or discriminate against others in any way because they do not practice tying dashtar and keeping kesh. Remember that Guru Tegh Bahadur died so a HINDU could worship as Hindu, and so that Sikhs could practice Sikhi, not so Sikhs could try to make non-Sikhs conform to the Sikh way of thinking. A Sikh can believe whatever s/he wants about this in his/her heart, I'm not speaking about that. The things you said in your first paragraph about dashtar are all correct. Hope this helps. If you can advise the ang of that shabd, please feel free to re-post. Guru ang sang,

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Meaning Of Shabad Regarding Dastaar (06/05/2004)
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