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Summary of Question:Wearing Turban.....
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/17/2000 3:20 PM MST

Hi! I am interesting in knowing why we sikh men wear turban? Is there any logical explanation for it? If i am not wrong then did the tradition of wearing a turban started from Guru Gobind Singh Ji?


Turbans go way back in history. They have several benefits that no other type of head covering provides.
1. They cover the temples. It protects you from mental or psychic negativity of other people. We have done many tests to show that this is true.
2. They change the blood flow in the head to put more blood in the brain
3. When tied properly and tightly enough, they keep the 26 bones in the skull in alignment. If these bones go out of alignment you will not think straight and you will have physical problems as well.
4. They keep the hair clean. The hair is your antenna for the energy of the subtle world around you. Your eyes see the physical world, your intuition sees the non-physical using the energy the hair picks up. For instance, if you want to know someone's intent in a conversation or relationship, you have to be able to feel their subtle energy. You will be able to tell if they are lying, etc. The hair needs to be clean for this to happen properly.
5. Symbolically, it is a crown of spirituality. It means you represent something
special and you can't hide your identity as a spiritual being.
There are more, but this should give you an idea.

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Wearing Turban..... (02/17/2000)
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