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Summary of Question:Dating In Sikhism
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 3/20/2000 10:55 AM MDT

is it okay to date another sikh person?

Dear H Singh--
Sat Siri Akaal.
Dating for the purpose of sex is NOT ok. If you are dating a woman with the intention of getting to know her as a person, you must remember at all times that her honor must be protected, which means by you. Moreover, if either Sikh is Amritdhari, then each must honor their vow to avoid sex until after marriage. So, dating must be done very carefully as it were, to avoid dishonor or the appearance of dishonor. The best way to do this is in group activities, such as picnics, games, etc. By group, I mean a group of one's peers, so that a bunch of, say, teens, all go out to a movie and then bowling afterwards. Such a 'bunch' might really include 3 couples, but it doesn't have to. You see my point.

Lots of queries on this Forum about "dating". Search 'date' or 'dating' for more info.
Rab rakha,

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Dating In Sikhism (03/20/2000)
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