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Summary of Question:Marajuana
Date Posted:Monday, 1/29/2001 4:53 PM MST

my parents are both truthfully sikh and have been ever since i was young, i grew up in a religous environment, but i also grew up with the notion that each individual person makes there own choices in life and chooses there own path so long as they dont go against certain moral obligations and stay true to themselves, anyway i have been smoking marajuana for the past 2 years, and find it very meditative, i also consider my self a diciple learning and internalizing new conecpts of life everyday. i know that smoking tabbaco is against Sikhism. However, is there anything wrong with marajuana, its almost a spiritual doorway of enlightenment, i find myself more freespirited and openminded to concepts. anyway should i discontinue smoking this wonderfull natural herb god put on this planet.

peace love and harmony
waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fathey

Unfortunately, this wonderful natural herb that God put on this planet is a drug. You are feeling so peaceful and freesprited because you are dulling your senses and awareness. Drugs do come from natural plant sources created by God.

Marijuana is far from harmless. It destroys brain cells and will eventually limit your memory and limit your mental acuity. It is also illegal and you could get busted for using it etc.

Yes, you should stop smoking, eating and being in love with this drug immediately! All the joy and harmony and peace that you desire can be truely yours through deep meditation and adsorption in the Shabd. Try this!

God bless you and glad that your asked

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Marajuana (01/29/2001)
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