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Summary of Question:Kundalini Yoga
Date Posted:Friday, 4/20/2001 9:38 PM MDT

I am confused on how Sikhs are suppose to meditate. On this site, it says that Kundalini yoga inspired so many people to become Sikh over 450 years ago. However, there are so many different ways to practice this form of yoga. I visited, which is a site on Kundalini yoga and I was wandering if you can go to his site and tell me whether the author's form and description of yoga is right. Apparently, you're suppose to get an orgasm while meditating. Is this right?

People can call anything kundalini yoga and that does not make it so. If you are interested in learning the true science of kundalini yoga, go to


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Kundalini Yoga (04/20/2001)
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