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Summary of Question:Where Is Sikhkhism Heading For!
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/08/2009 8:34 AM MDT

The most sikhs youth r in dilemma1It is really difficult to find any vitue in keepinh long unshorn hair and tie turban !And most qualified sikh girls and mostly in glamour field film actresses -models or Miss India like Manmeet Brar -Neha dhupia - amrita thapar -gul panag did not marry sikh but nonsikhs or intend to do so!do they consider Gursikhs nonentity and social laggard !Even PM Manmohan singh's daughter married nonsikh a Patnaik of Orrissa -so did Khushwant singh's daughter!so r these so called sikh like Khushwant singh considerd sikh -He has written many books on sikhkhism - but his daughters married nonsikhs !his son id clean shaven!Is Bhagat singh too considered sikh by sikh clergy!If yes then it is totally hypocric of them -and this mans they r fooling all sikhs who r bound to keep long unshorn hair and tie turbans! And also does they consider shaeed Udham singh a sikh!If yes again they r being hypcritics!And what about Harjinder singh Jinda - who was hnged for killing Gen Vaid for alledly avenging attack on Darbar sahib!Was he sikh too though clean shaven!and lastly why sikh girls in their matrimonial ads prefer clean shaven and Hindus1Read any reputed Daily for matrimonial ads and u find such ads in large numbers!And these r with approval of their parents!So it time for sikh clergy to find resolution to these issues and not keep their eyes shut and answer diplomatically and i ambigiuos manner !

One does not become a SIKH by being born into a Sikh family. One becomes a Sikh through their longing and learning and experiencing the power of the Shabd in their life. These people evidently never persued their spiritual life in their young life and thus are not Sikhs. Guru Nanak became a Sikh just as every Sahibzada. It is a gift and a fulfillment of human longing to find one's Wahe Guru within. You must look in a different direction and find the beauty and bounty of Khalsa growing and flowering in the West.

God bless you,

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Where Is Sikhkhism Heading For! (03/08/2009)
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