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Summary of Question:Standard Letter To Passport Agency
Date Posted:Friday, 4/30/2004 10:34 AM MDT

Sat Siri Akal Ji,

I was wondering if somebody has published a standard letter including legal lingo explaining to the passposrt agencies the requirement of turban in the picture for Sikhs. I know of many cases where passports are rejected and then issued later with a lot of hassle after the Senator's office intervened or some Sikh organization wrote a letter explaining the Sikh requirement of turban. If we had a proper letter that worked we attached with the initial application, that would save a lot of time.
I need to apply for my son's passport soon so a quick response is appreciated.




Sat Sri Akal!

I have never heard of any problem in obtaining a U.S. passport. I know of two people who had their U.S. passports made in March 2004 with full turban/beard and no problem whatsoever. However, if anyone does know of an incident of hassles in issuing a passport and can relate what they did, please let us know!

Gur Fateh,

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Standard Letter To Passport Agency (04/30/2004)
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