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Summary of Question:meditation
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/30/2000 3:52 PM MDT

hi my name is karan and iam from toronto

my question is that is it ok to read the jap ji sahib in english.
i mean instead of saying ek onkar, satnam..., is it ok to say god is one, his name is true
please answer my question.

It is perfectly ok to read Jap Ji in English. There are benefits to reading it in Gurmukhi, which are the meridian points in the mouth are stimulated and create an alpha-type state, as well as stimulating the pituitary, thalmus, hypothalmus, etc.

If you do not understand the words you are reading it can be helpful to read it in English so that the meaning can be more fully realised and appreciated. Of course, the best would be if you could read it in Gurmukhi and understand it as well. If you are unable to do this perhaps alternating back and forth every other day would help you both get the benefits of both ways.

Sat Nam

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meditation (04/30/2000)
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