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Summary of Question:Regarding Hats
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/05/2001 9:23 PM MDT

This really isnt a Question just a comment, I read a post today from one of other GurSikh where he asked whether its is alright to wear a hat for a Sikh, well i wasnt completely satisfied with the answer he got, here is what Guru has to say about hats,

Kangha Dono Waqat Kar, Paag Chune Kar Bandhye

Comb your hair twice a day and take oof turban by taking off every single palla and same to wear. Do not take it off as a hat. Guru Ji ordered us notto wear hat

Sikh Hoe Sir Topi Dhare, Saat Janam Kushti Hoe Marre

A Sikh who wears hat shall die seven lives with illness of Kohar

well if possible please get the message of Guru to the person who asked the question
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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Regarding Hats (07/05/2001)
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