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Summary of Question:Tables and Chairs
Date Posted:Monday, 4/19/1999 8:38 PM MDT

What is the true way of eating langar? On tables on chairs or in pangat?

I know its pangat but I just want a different point of view because I'm writing a english essay on it. Please get back to me on it as soon as possible.
Sat Nam, there can't be any "discussion" on this point, for the Hukamnama has been issued by the Akal Takht reminding us all that the "true way" of eating Langar is in pangat. Tables and chairs were adopted for convenience, but whether we agree or disagree is irrelevant. I understand people have been fighting over this issue, which is very sad, I don't think we can decide which edicts we like and follow them, and ignore whatever we don't like. So, at this time,"point of view" doesn't exist where this is concerned and it's a shame that we Sikhs find things to divide us instead of being united in our faith. Blessings, SP

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