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Summary of Question:Are All Surnames Of Sikh Men Kaur?
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 9/24/2002 6:39 PM MDT

Thank you for recieving my e-mail. My name is Michael and I have a project to find a numerous amount of facts that are completely random. Its purpose is to get us affiliated with researching all kinds of different information. We are allowed to use the internet twice and we are also allowed to interview one person. Here is my one and only question. Are all Sikh men's surename Kaur. In other words, just to make myself clear, is the last name of all Sikh men have Kaur. I really appreciate you reading this and if you could get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Michael 9th grade

Dear Michael:

Sat Siri Akaal. Actually, all Sikh men are named Singh or 'lion', and all Sikh women are named Kaur or 'princess'. Singh is both a surname and a middle name. Many Sikh families use the family surname Singh, the way Smith is a family name. So the wife or daughter in such a family could be Jane Kaur Singh. It doesn't work in reverse. One never sees Joe Singh Kaur. Also, there are many Sikhs who have a family name in addition to Singh or Kaur, such as Joe Singh Baba or Jane Kaur Khalsa. Hope this helps.

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Are All Surnames Of Sikh Men Kaur? (09/24/2002)
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