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Summary of Question:What Are Some Techniques Or Ways Or Practicing Yoga?
Date Posted:Monday, 2/21/2000 8:41 PM MST

HI, I'm a highschool student and am willing to learn about ways on practicing yoga. Not just meditation but also, power yoga, if that is what it is called. I would go to local classes but I don't have much afterschool freedom, as well as time. Which I don't mind. However, I could make out time in the morning, if I am really interested in it, as I am. I know what yoga is and how it is done but I don't know any ways or techniques of doing it. I have done yoga before but it was at a camp many years ago, and therefore don't remember anything. This is my first time asking a question on the web. Please if you have a response please e-mail me at my address, I usually have enough time to just check my mail.

Thank you.
preetam kaur. xox


Dear Preetam Kaur-
Sat Siri Akaal. Sorry for the delay. Go here to find yoga and meditation, and to look for teachers in your area. I really recommend you start with a class and have a teacher. After practicing under a teacher for a while, it is much easier to understand the exercises found in yoga books. Moreover, a teacher shows you details of form that are important to the practice of yoga.
Guru rakha,

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What Are Some Techniques Or Ways Or Practicing Yoga? (02/21/2000)
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