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Summary of Question:Agarbati, Can It Be Harmful?
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 9/24/2002 8:03 AM MDT

S S Akal Ji, Do you know if the scented smoke from agarbati is some how harmful to lungs like cigerette or something.....


Sat Sri Akal,

Anything foreign introduced into the lungs is harmful to some extent. This includes going outside and breathing the air in a major city since most cities are polluted to some extent. However, in the case of agarbati, it is not harmful because we don't sit there for hours at an end inhaling its smoke. Cigarettes are harmful to the lungs because people smoke them chronically! That means for years on end. If you were to inhale agarbati for 10 hours everyday of your life then it would be harmful! But we don't do that, so it's okay.

Gur Fateh,

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Agarbati, Can It Be Harmful? (09/24/2002)
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