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Summary of Question:Why Do We Cover Our Heads?
Date Posted:Friday, 3/12/1999 4:17 PM MST

I've been asked many times by many different people why it is so important that sikhs cover their heads. I have also asked many people the same qeustion. I am a new amritdhari and don't have all the answers but to me covering my head just feels right. The answer that I'm given is: "because our hair stays clean that way." O.K, fine, but what about our beards, and the hair on our hands and legs, etc. The answer I'm really looking for is why people who don't have hair (ex. shave it all off or just can't grow hair) must cover thier heads aswell, I understand that it's out of respect. But, what respect?


We cover our heads because physiologically, the majority of the body's energy escapes through the head. The top center of the head, which is the crown chakra, is a focal point of energy. When we are in the presence of the Guru, Guru is giving us energy. That energy is sacred and when we retain it, Guru's energy lives in us and that gives us the living experience of Guru. To help retain that energy we cover our heads. That is also why we don't cut our hair. Hair draws energy from the sun and acts as an antenna to the environment, giving us greater sensitivity and intuitiveness. When we tie our hair on top of our head, and cover it with a turban, that energy becomes focused, giving us the power of penetrating projection.

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Why Do We Cover Our Heads? (03/12/1999)
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