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Summary of Question:Is Turban The Only Sign Of Sikhism?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/02/2004 7:25 AM MDT

All male members of my family wear turbans so it is a natural part of my life. But as I read Guru Granth sahib and research more and more , I am trying to identify any verses that put emphasis on having long hair and tying a turban. In fact Guru nank dev ji has instructed us not to put values on appearance . What is most important is that you are a good human. Is it possible to be a good human without wearing a turban? Are turbaned people more superior than those who do not? Does God love only those who put the importance of being physically different? How can our religion move forward if the only thing that matters is the physical appearance ? Please help me to sort out this confusion.


I think you will find many interesting answers to this question if you do a searh by topic on this site. This question has been answered numerous times. Basically, I believe that wearing the turbin has to do with indentity. I identity myself as a Sikh...a seeker of God. Of course my behavior is what is the very most important. If I behave honestly, gracefully, kindly and wear a turbin then I am known for these things...Sikhs are known for these things. No, we are not better than anyone else...God does not love us more. Wearing the turbin is an act of humility, that we are giving our head to the Guru and identifying ourselves for that commitment. It is a humble statement that we are willing to serve the Guru by uplifting our soul and in so doing be a model to all for this humility and commitment. Wearing a turbin identifies us. What qualities you want to attach to that identity is up to you. It is a big responsibility. A turbin gives more weight to our actions and words. In this day and age where commitment is merely a word, identifying yourself to be a person of committed higher values is honorable and remarkable. Does it makes us, it just identifies us as a human servant of God. Blessings. gtkk

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