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Summary of Question:Veg Vs Non Veg
Date Posted:Monday, 11/10/2008 9:14 PM MST

I am currently non vegatarian, and i am a sikh. I am not an amritdari but i want to be. And i am confused. Is there anywhere in the guru Granth sahib that says you have to be a vegaterian? I plan to become a one, but because of the way meat is made and processed. And i read that Guru Gobind Singh hunted, and i have read in some biographies that a man was a devotee of a guru and was a strict vegatarian but after the congragation when he ate instead of his regular food there was meat. I am very confused

Dear one,
It is simple. If you want to meet God don't eat meat. You heavy your body and mind by imbibing the flesh and fear hormones of the slaughtered animal. Be light and eat light. Win over your mind through meditation every day.
God bless you,

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Veg Vs Non Veg (11/10/2008)
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