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Summary of Question:Can Someone From A Non Sikh/Non Indian Family Enter The Faith?
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/12/2003 7:48 PM MDT

Is is possible for someone from a non Sikh/non indian family to enter the faith? If so how would one persue this course? Would they be welcomed by the community?

(REPLY) Sat Nam (that means: Truth is your Identity/Truth is God's Name). The most sacred Sikh Temple, the Harimandir Sahib, known as the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India,was built with doors open on all four sides, symbolizing that ALL people are welcome. Sikh means "Student of Truth." To "enter the faith" one would learn about it, start living day to day according to the values and virtues taught by our Gurus, one would get up early in the morning (before dawn) and chant God's Name, one would stop cutting any of the hair on the body; wear the symbols of the faith as reminders of the commitment to living according to the Gurus teachings, obeying the will of God as one can best understand it, and worshipping ONLY the Word of God as embodied in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, in other words, never worshipping any person in human form. These are just basics, you can find more on various links on the SikhNet Home Page. As for whether you would be "accepted by the community" -- it depends upon the consciousness of the people in the community! Ideally, if they truly understand the teachings of the Guru, they would embrace anyone and everyone without discrimination. Since Sikhs are forbidden to actively try to "convert" anyone, it should be assumed that you reached the decision to BE a Sikh from a yearning of your heart and soul, therefore, there should be acceptance! Unfortunately, you might have to deal with cultural prejudice, but that is definitely NOT part of the religion. I think that as more and more people are embracing the Sikh faith, who were not born into Sikh families, it is becoming obvious that Guru Nanak, and all of his successors were Universal Teachers, Gurus for EVERYONE, regardless of race, color, gender, social status or country of origin. If yours is a personal question, WELCOME! If it's rhetorical, even then WELCOME! Blessings, SP

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Can Someone From A Non Sikh/Non Indian Family Enter The Faith? (03/12/2003)
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