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Summary of Question:Marrying Out Of Caste
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/28/2000 9:13 AM MDT

i have recently fallen for a sikh boy who is a year older than me. although we are both quite young we have decided that we want to get married once we have finished our education. however, my family are starting to make a fuss because he is not the same caste as me, and although neither of us believe in the caste system it is making things very difficult for us. after all, we are both sikh, shouldn't that be all that matters? any advice would be much appreciated.

p.s. i think that what u r doing here on sikhnet is very encouraging to all sikhs from all walks of life


Dear One:
Sat Siri Akaal. You have the support of all this Forum's moderators to marry "outside of caste." Sikhi does NOT observe caste and those who do so are worried about their 'position' and 'status' and WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK. They are not listening to Guru, however. Your courage and determination to live as Guruji taught is both admired and respected here. You will need a lot of both to prove by your marriage that caste has only divided Sikhs, not united them.

There are LOTS of other posts on this Youth Forum about caste. Use searchword 'caste' to see them for additional advice.
Rab rakha,

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Marrying Out Of Caste (03/28/2000)
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