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Summary of Question:Sikh Doctors/Medical Students For Sewa With Their Skills?
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/04/2002 8:54 AM MDT

Why dont all like minded sikh Doctors/medical Students around the world organise themselves for doing proffesional sewa to the people who are ill-affording around the world?

1.This would go a long way in earning sewa and goodwill of the people.
2. It is a good PR exersise and would make world stand up and notice the sikh community especialy in the parts where nothing is known about us.
3.Would help network all Sikh doctors to help each other professionally.

One case in point could be organising basic health services in Afganistan Gurdwaras. We have a population of Sikhs there hailing from the tiome of Maharaja ranjit Singh and banda Singh bahadur. They will give us the secure place and support in the Gurdwaras at Kabul, jajajabad etc.
This would makje the goodwill for sikhs in the hearts of Muslim Afgans as we get the oppertunity of doing Sewa in the place which was ruled by Sikhs for half a century.(Maharaj Ranjit Singh)
Thank you
You have an excellant idea. Take your idea and research how to make this happen.
Sikhs being known for their service is the best Public Relations that we have in this world. Anyone with a skill can reach out in the public and offer their services. There are many local opportunites, Interfaith groups, the United Nations, Community service, mentoring of children, International Relations as a career. You can inspire and follow through with YOUR idea and make your idea a reality.

God bless you, SKKK

Perhaps you can pursue a carrer of public service and can encourage your family & friends and associates in your school and Gurdwara to consider this.

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Sikh Doctors/Medical Students For Sewa With Their Skills? (05/04/2002)
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