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Summary of Question:Controlling Anger
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/16/2001 2:50 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal!

I wanted to ask you a question about controlling anger. I know that we should control so that we dont start hitting people in anger. But is it ok to shout at as person with whom you are angry with. Isnt this just showing your emotion but controlling it. Also, we are allowed to feel angry right? Even with ourselfs?

Thank you


Dear Baljitji:

Sat Siri Akal! Whenever possible, it is best to be kind and considerate to others. That said, sometimes righteous anger is appropriate; but even then it should be considered, rather than just done as reaction.

Dear one, feelings are very hard to control. It is not about being "allowed" to feel angry with others and ourselves, it is about recognizing that we are angry and choosing to channel it or do something positive about it to resolve the situation. Treat yourself and others with compassion. This means try to recognize the God in all - including yourself, and honor that even when you are angry. Compassion is a practice and discipline, so do not be overhard on yourself when you forget. A regular meditation practice is good for keeping a neutral mind, which helps control anger and bring compassion. If you can access kundalini yoga classes where you are, that is a very good way to channel anger and dissolve it in yourself. Elsewhere on this Sikhnet site (start with, you can find links for yoga and finding classes/teachers in your area. Also, you can search this Forum using keywords "meditation" and "so darshan chakra kriya" for meditations to help with anger.

God bless you.

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Controlling Anger (05/16/2001)
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