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Summary of Question:meditation
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/03/2000 7:50 PM MDT

hello, i live in toronto

i was wondering how do you keep your mind from thinking about different things, when you are praying. i always try, and when iam half way i get mad at myself because i find out that iam thinking about something else.
please help me.


Good question. First, meditation is a process of clearing the mind of all the collective throughts that crowd your subconscious. When the scattered throughts come up, that is when you are meditating, welcome it as a correct sign of success. When this happens, acknowledge what is happening, let the thought go and continue putting your focus back on your meditation. It is like cleaning behind the sofa. When you find the dust balls, you remove them by sweeping them up and continue your cleaning, right?

Our minds are like monkeys, when we clear through the seemingly endless array of thoughts, even to the last moment of our meditation, then we are clear and the intuition comes shining through the cleared space. In Gurbani, it is sometimes referred to as the veil of doubt or the screen seperating us from God.

Meditation is when you open yourself up to the Infinite. You can meditate on the breath by: inhaling 20 seconds, holding the breath for 20 seconds and exhaling for 20 seconds. This is called the 1 minute breath. It will give you great clarity and peaceful mind for the rest of the day. Do this for 11 minutes and work up to 31 minutes. You can count out the seconds by mentally chanting" Sa Ta Na Ma" (Satnam) one for each finger to keep count of the time.

Second, praying is when you talk to God, or infinity. Meditating is when you allow God to talk to you. In either case, your mind will be regurgitating thoughts into your flow of consciousness. No need to get mad. Just keep directing your focus and keep up.

Good Work!!!!

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