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Summary of Question:Re: Radha Soami
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/05/2003 10:54 PM MDT

"I read the post from earlier dude and the moderator asked to define "radha soami". I know the word radha means soul and soami means master."

This is not True.

Please read radhasoami's history. Sri Shiv Dayal Seon was a Khatri of Agra who was used to do satsant. His devoties called him 'Soami'. Shiv Dayal's wife's name was 'Radha'. The name 'Radhasoami', meaning 'Radha's Husband' started from this point. Many useless efforts were made by radhasoamis to change the meaning and interpretation of 'Radhasoami' later on. If anyone needs reference, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Sat Siri Akaal. The moderator is correct on the literal meaning of these words, and that's how s/he decided to answer the question, not about how Radha Swami got that name. We moderators are Sikhs and the details of Radha Swami history or beliefs are not are strength. We ask all those considering RADHA SOAMI/SWAMI posts to this Forum to search the Youth Forum concerning other Radha Soami (or Radha Swami) queries, and then to search the Net. The Youth Forum does not exist to be a vehicle for criticism of Radha Swami or any other faith. I met both Indian and non-Indian people 25 years ago in the USA who were followers of Radha Swami, and they were not agitators nor were they out to gut Sikhi. I took them to Sikh Gurdwara and they were very respectful. Leave it alone, please. Find a chat room or discussion forum to air your positive or negative views of Radha Soami. The Youth Forum serves primarily as an advice column, not a discussion forum. Thanks. Guru ang sang,

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Re: Radha Soami (08/05/2003)
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