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Summary of Question:Should I Take Vitamins
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/28/2002 4:42 PM MDT

Sat Shri Akal ji,

I am 18/m/calif, I am curious if it is ok for a sikh to take vitamins. I consolted my docter, his opinion was its ok, but don't vitamins have b12 in them? which is extracted from meat? Are there any vitamins/minerals which i can take? thx

Sat Shri akal


It is fine to take vitamins. Vegetarians, if healthy will manufacture their own B`12. However, the vitamins that you would like are called "food grown" vitamins or "food based" vitamins. They are manufactured from food and do not need to be taken with food to be effective. You can check "Rainbow Light" products or similar companies and find vegetarian vitamins with B12 sources from yeast and some grains(like wheatberries).


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Should I Take Vitamins (04/28/2002)
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