SikhNet Radio NetworkHere at SikhNet we have long visualized a "Virtual Gurdwara" on the Web where anyone can come at any time and be in the presence of the Guru through Gurdwara services from around the world - Kirtan, Ardaas, Hukum - all broadcast live 24/7.

Now we have come a bit closer to that vision by launching a brand new multi-channel SikhNet Radio service that allows Gurdwaras around the world to broadcast their daily Kirtan program live on the internet. We have already added live broadcast streams from six Gurdwaras in India, Canada, and the USA. So any time of the day or night you can tune into Kirtan that is happening live somewhere in the world! In addition to the live Gurdwara broadcasts we have also just added two additional new SikhNet Radio channels: "Western / Non Traditional" and "Classical Raag."These new channels are now broadcasting alongside the original SikhNet Radio "channel".

Our goal is to create a network where you can watch or listen to Gurbani Kirtan live, in real-time from Gurdwaras all over the world. Each Gurdwara becomes a "Channel" (Like a TV Channel) on the SikhNet Radio Network, and will be featured on, so thousands of people can listen in from all over.

Do You Want to Join the SikhNet Radio Network and broadcast your local Gurdwara live on the internet? For a limited time we are accepting new Gurdwaras for the live broadcast. View more details

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SikhNet Radio Channels
It might be possible to listen to SikhNet radio channels on some mobile phones & PDAs. May require additional player software for streaming audio. SikhNet Radio channels are available on some Nokia Phones (Nokia Internet Radio)
Channel 1All Gurbani Styles
Hear all different types of Gurbani music from hundreds of different musicians. This is the original SikhNet Radio channel that you have gotten used to hearing all these years.
Channel 2Western / Non Traditional
Gurbani and other related music that is not the traditional Indian style. The music generally has a very "western" American flavor, with different styles of vocals and instruments.
Channel 3Classical Raag
You'll hear Gurbani that is composed in specific raags (tunes) specifically for the the Shabad. Based on Raags from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.
Channel 4
You can chant with this meditative repetition of Gods Name - Waheguru.
Channel 5
Sri Akhand Paath Sahib
You can listen to a continuous recitation of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. This will play through the Akhand Paath unbroken in 3 different versions.

Live Gurdwara Channels
Gurdwara NameLocationLinks
Channel 9Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple)Amritsar, Punjab, India
Channel 10Dukh Niwaran Sahib
(Watch Live video 4:30 AM to 10:30 AM IST and 4:30 PM tp 10:30 PM IST)
Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Channel 11Sukh Sagar
New Westminster, BC, Canada
Channel 12Hacienda De Guru Ram DasEspanola, New Mexico, USA
Channel 13Gurdwara Sahib FremontFremont, California, USA
Channel 14Sikh Center of the San Francisco Bay AreaEl Sobrante, California, USA
Channel 16Gurdwara Sahib Western Singh SahbaWilliams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Channel 17
Gurdwara Sahib Dashmesh Culture CenterCalgary, Alberta, Canada

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Do You Want to Join the SikhNet Radio Network and broadcast your local Gurdwara live on the internet? For a limited time we are accepting new Gurdwaras for the live broadcast. The following are some of the requirements that must be met in order for us to do a live broadcast from your Gurdwara.

Requirements for Live Broadcasting

  • Regular Gurdwara Program - Initially we are only featuring and hosting Gurdwaras that have a regular Kirtan program (Every day).
  • Always on Fast Internet Connection - We recommend that you use DSL, Cable or similar fast internet connections. Dialup modem will NOT work.
  • Responsible person to setup and monitor the computer/live broadcast - In most cases you won't need to look at the computer very often, however there must be a person responsible for the computer who is able to fix things, restart the computer and deal with other possible problems if they arise.
  • Dedicated Computer - You will need a computer which is to be used only for the live broadcast. This can be an older computer, but we suggest that you use Windows XP (rather than windows 98 or ME).
  • Gurdwara Schedule - We will need to get a general daily schedule so that we can list the times that people can expect to listen to Kirtan. In the future we plan to have an automatic indicator that will show something like "Now Broadcasting" during scheduled times. As more Gurdwaras become part of SikhNet Radio Network this will be helpful to listeners who want to listen to Kirtan that is happening at that time.

If you have the above mentioned things taken care of and would like to get your local Gurdwara broadcast live online through SikhNet Radio, then please contact us and we will send you more information on how to get setup and broadcasting.

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